Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Valentine's Day! Am I ready? Trying!

Well, I had all this scrap clay from my various school projects that ended up with bags and bags of pinkish, purplish, maroonish clay, so it got me thinking......ya, valentine's canes.  I made 4 different canes in 4 different patterns using my scrap clay and a bit of red, white, and black.  I made a checkerboard, a fun cane that looks like it's got purple lace around the heart, a retro layered cane that reminds me of the 70s (ya, that dates me), and then a fun jellyroll swirled heart.  I have individual bracelets and earrings of each, but they look fantastic together.  I still plan on making one large cane with each of the 4 canes, a few faces, and some solid colors in a bit checkboard for some pendants to coordinate with the bracelets and earrings.  Hopefully in a few days, I'll have some more to show, but it's a start!  

In the mean time, I've been working hard on my art jewelry and have finished up the bracelet I've been experimenting with.  I ended up coating the beads with resin for safe keeping.  It does tend to lighten the transfer image but the bracelet is an eye catcher and I get people stopping me to ask about it almost daily.  I'd love to make more for some lucky mom's out there for mother's day.  

Future projects:  I'm currently finishing up canes for Southern Methodist University (SMU).  I should have jewelry up for them within a week.  My next cane design will be for the UT Longhorns.  I've gotten lots of requests for college jewelry, so I'm looking forward to the challenge.  The PCAGOE February challenge is dealing with birthstones, zodiacs, birth month flowers, etc etc.  I'm planning on making a pisces millefiori cane with the pisces symbol and a background of blue/greenish marble.  I'll then use it to make jewelry pieces and throw in some aquamarine swarovski crystals and sterling silver.  Or maybe with amethyst and aquamarine (teal and purple) for february or march birthdays.  I've often thought of doing a series of millefiori zodiac or even wiccan symbols.  This is a good place to play and start.  Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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