Friday, February 19, 2010

Classic Elegance

Image transfer is a polymer technique that I have played with only sparingly, but Linda Riopel has it DOWN! The beautiful focal bead on this lovely piece is made of polymer clay and the rose and music design is then transferred onto the clay before it is cured. And the results are breathtaking. I love the simplicity of this design and the curve. It's a wonderful piece that can be subtle and worn with most necklines, but at the same time very eye-catching! And the roses are so wonderful for spring, easter, and mother's day gifts! Linda is another cornerstone member of PCAGOE. Not only is her jewelry amazing, but she also is so very helpful and wonderful. She makes PCAGOE feel like a home. You can find more of her wonderful creations HERE or follow her blog at

Linda makes very wonderful one of kind pieces! Go get yours today!

The sun has been shining and life is wonderful. I have so many good things going on in my life and so many wonderful people - including a few new ones that have become very dear to me. PLUS yesterday I found out that my work will be featured in the reader's gallery in an upcoming issue of Polymer Clay Cafe and on doing some research on google, I discovered that my Piano Girl painting on Imagekind has been hitting the top pages on the popular tab regularly since I uploaded it! It even reached the #1 spot on page 1 at one point! I guess I need to take up my paint brushes again soon! I've gotten my UT cane reduced and some beads cured, so tomorrow you'll get to see some additional pieces. Tonight I have my friday night class with my young students - we've been working on some clay sculptures (see photo of their bunnies above) and are currently doing a clay seal. They do fabulous work for being in 5th grade and have so improved in the 9 months that i've been teaching them everything from sculpture to perspective to drawing to color & painting. Art is such a joy to learn. And I learn so much from teaching them, too!

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