Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lantern for Tealight

Lantern for Tealight...
Originally uploaded by Arzu Musa

Arzu Musa reminds me that polymer clay is an international art form. She is from Istanbul, Turkey and her wonderful lanterns and candle holders just glow! It reminds me how wonderful the polymer clay community is at breaking down the barriers across this great world of ours. Arzu Musa's SHOP is filled not only with these wonderful lanterns, but also with handmade buttons, barrettes, jewelry, beads and hair combs - all with an earthy style that is all her own. You can find out more about her work at

Arzu Musa was one of the first people to add me as a contact back when I started this whole venture into refinding myself and my art back in November of last year and one of the first to not only find me on Facebook when I broke down and joined it, but also join my Fan Page. The polymer clay community is one of the most creative and supportive that I've encountered and my fellow members of PCAGOE touch my heart daily.

It's going to be a hustling bustling day filled with chasing for me, but hopefully I'll get some times to check out the PCAGOE forums for their weekly Clay & Play Thursday posts. It is wonderful to see what everyone is up to and they inspire me daily to not only try new techniques, but also improve my detail, design, packaging, and perspective. For instance - right now I'm working on some fun cha-cha bracelets with various school beads - an inspiration from several sources in the guild. They are a blessing! I'll throw up pictures of the result when I get it done - for now here is a picture of a necklace I threw together from left over marbled clay and chalk turquoise! Polymer Clay definitely appeals to my frugal side - NO WASTE!

Stay happy! Count your blessings, too!


  1. Wow... Such a honered for me... Thank you so much Deb...

  2. I adore all polymer clay creations of ArzuMusa! Her talent and creativity is amazing!



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