Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lots of Girls

Lots of Girls
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Alice Stroppel's faces are so fun and lively and colorful. I admire her work so very much and love how her faces differ so much from those I create. Again, I am always amazed at polymer clay as an art form because these beautiful bracelets are truly works of art. When I started my more 'serious' trend taking my polymer clay work online back in November of last year, Alice was one of those artists whose work keep inspiring me and still does. And someday I need one of these pieces just to remind myself of what we can do with our dreams. =) Thank you Alice. You can find more of Alice's work HERE and follow her at her blogs at and,

I truly think every woman needs something like this just to remind them of how colorful, wonderful, and meaningful being a woman can be. Check out her shop, it's well worth it!

Here is a quick photo of a finished UT Chain Bracelet that I just finished listing on my Etsy shop. (HERE) As for me - well today is a day of lunch out, a date with a friend and then maybe some jewelry work in the evening over a glass of wine. It's saturday and so far my day has been wonderful and magical. I do hope everyone here has a wonderful and magical weekend, too.


  1. I absolutely adore Alice's ladies. They always make me smile and if you're the least bit down, just go to see her work and you're sure to feel better! Linda

  2. Deb, what an honor! To think that I inspired anyone is wonderful for me. I have always just wanted to share what I know like all those wonderful polymer clay artists who have share for years.Thank you so very much.

    And Linda, Thank you for saying such nice things.


  3. I saw your Valentines day bracelet from the Art bead Scene Challenge and its just beautiful!! Your work is Devine!!!!!

  4. Thank you, Janet! I've been working with clay for a number of years but have only recently gotten brave enough to hit the internet with it. I do appreciate every kind word. Thank you.



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