Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lynda's Fabulous Faux

LOOK AT ALL THIS! Lynda Moseley is as creative as she is generous! This is some of her more recent faux gemstone work, but her image transfers, embossing, and various other creations are just as lovely and so classy and sophisticated ....well, who wouldn't want them? Lynda is one of the cornstones of the PCAGOE and it always helping out with advice, donations to causes and support with team promotions. You can find more of her work HERE and she also has a wonderful blog at http://www.scdiva.blogspot.com.

PLEASE check out her shop, you won't regret the visit. Her work is fabulous!

Well, I sat down with girls and watching Harry Potter saturday night and while sitting enjoying the show, I threw together a few odds & ends pieces from some beads I'd made cleaning up my workspace and using up clay left over from other projects. Nothing terribly fancy, but throw together with some chalk turquoise and some colorful pick glass beads, they make a nice presentation. Ok, back to work! The sun is shining!

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