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Polymer Cafe Reader's Gallery
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These two items are featured in the June issue of Polymer Cafe's Reader's Gallery. =) I'm thrilled beyond words. It's kind of a funny story. Long, long time ago when Polymer Cafe first came out, I was thrilled to find a magazine that had so many wonderful new ideas and tutorials. I had a subscription the first year it came out and just loved it - read it cover to cover. Then life kind of stepped in and I never renewed it again. Back then from what I remembered, the reader's gallery was this tiny section on the editor's page with little thumbnail pictures, so when I submitted a few pictures I was thinking well, this won't be so scary. I didn't realize that the Reader's Gallery now is BIG!! I got a page and a half feature. lol I guess I'm glad I didn't have a recent copy of Polymer Cafe to see how things have changed or I'd have chickened out. lol It's all part of life's little game to push you forward - right?

Then last Friday as I was catching up on taking of photos of items I'd worked on over the last few weeks of being under the weather (very bad sinus infection that went into my chest) and just trying to do busy work that I could do in bits and pieces between naps - I found this pair of earrings featured on Craft Gossip. I was so surprised and thrilled because I had JUST posted them. My Flickr hits went through the roof! =)

And NOW - I just finished my challenge piece for the upcoming PCAGOE challenge. This month the theme is historical so I created this wonderful Sunface Kachina pendant/wall-hanging to commemorate the Native American influence in this wonderful country. The Sunface is a Hopi Kachina that represents warmth, shelter for the old, bright future, and playfulness for the young.

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