Monday, April 19, 2010

Wonderful Weddings

Morin Wedding 01
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Many of you that know me, know I've had a passion for photography since high school, so - though I generally have spotlighted polymer artists here - I'm going for a change of pace today. =) Today I'm spotlighting Chris Raymer. Chris and I discovered each other back in January and became instant friends. It's nice to find someone with the same sentimental, quirky, idealistic, dreamer tendency that have plagued me my whole life. lol I've completely enjoyed his stories and insights on his Flickr photostream and his creativity and warmth shine through in the photos he takes.

Chris and his family live in San Antonio, Texas. So many wedding photographers are good at lining people up and taking your standard group photos, but Chris has a natural gift for bringing out the warmth in a setting. I have to say, when he posted his wedding photos I was completely blow away. Anyone can pose a shot, but it takes a true artist to find shots of people being themselves and take them at their best - personality and beauty all in one. It's a gift and one that there is no amount of education or practice can give you. Chris has this gift. If you'd like to make use of Chris' fabulous skill and attention to detail for your wedding, graduation, or other event, please contact him at

Ok - I've been neglecting my blog, but between a major sinus infection going into my ear and the roots of my teeth - then catching up with daily responsibilities, I've had a rough week and am only now feeling more myself. I got a bunch done this weekend, but also slept a ton (I probably needed it). I got samples of my new UT Camo line done that is a fun camouflage background pattern of burnt orange, black, khaki, and brown with Texas, lone star, LOVE, and bare feet cane appliques. I really like how it turned out. I also made up large patchwork canes and did samples of a design for Reagan High School. AND some new earring designs using little silver floating frames (I love these!). Always more to do, though. =) I got a ton more to photograph yet, too!

Happy Spring, everyone!

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