Sunday, May 30, 2010

June PCAGOE Challenge to start soon! Think Outside the Box!

June Prize Challenge Pool

It's that time again! June 1st is right around the corner and so it the June PCAGOE challenge! The theme for the month of June is "Think Outside the Box." Each entrant designed, created, and covered a small metal tin with polymer clay. The designs are unique and unusual - voting is going to be fierce! This month is also something special though - a wonderful auction of all the creative, beautiful entries to benefit a children's charity! Instructions on voting and bidding on these fabulous tins will be posted on the challenge site at on June 1st.
The prize pool for the upcoming challenge is displayed at the right.  These wonderful prizes were donated by the artisans of PCAGOE and 5 lucky voters every month win a prize from this display simply by casting their vote!  The prizes have been donated by the following artists:

Row 1:  The Pleasant Pheasant, RenGalSA, NKDesigns, ToniNZ
Row 2:  ArrowdaleArtStudio, HiGirls, 11BOLDstreet, CraftsbyCAG
Row 3:  Unknown, YoungCreative, PolymerClayCreations, LaurelSteven
Row 4:  BeeTreeByMe, ClayCenter, NKDesigns, Polyclarific

On the home front, May is always so busy with the end of the school year - concerts, parties, and this year my son is graduating high school and my daughter elementary school.  So between the normal rush of end of the school year gifts, I try to fit in as much volunteer time at the schools as possible.  PLUS I've been working on this gift on the left for a friend of mine for HIS daughter who is graduating from high school also.  It's been wonderful for me to work with more hair since so many of the children's portraits I've done in the past lack the wonderful curves and textures.  I am slowly trying to rebuild my portrait portfolio and if you're interested in being on my list, right now I'm offering wonderful discounts on portraits just to showcase my ability.  All portraits will be scanned and uploaded and very high quality to my Imaginekind site, where you can share your work of art with your family or order special notecards.  Wish me luck in the upcoming weeks as school comes to an end... I'll need the sanity to deal with this busy season!  Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

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