Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's All About the Color!

As much as my clown from my last post was about shades of gray, these pieces are all about COLOR. I've had a lot of creative ideas floating through my head, but most of the time I wonder what to do with all the leftovers after I finish my creative vision. This was the case with the clay from my Mime Bracelet that I featured in my March Newsletter. I made 3 tiny canes with my scrap - a rainbow zigzag, a basketweave, and a spiral like the tutorial I shared in my April Newsletter. From the leftovers of these three canes, I also made a Stroppel Cane. These coordinate and can be combined beautifully, but also make beautiful stand alone items, like the bangle bracelet pictured above and the perfume pen to the right. Unfortunately, my experiments with those canes is limited since they were small to begin with, but the results always give me more ideas for future experiments. Plus, the lucky buyer who grabs them from my ETSY shop will have a unique treasure.

Here are a few more fun finds from my ETSY shop using my colorful scrap canes!  Enjoy!

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