Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gone Fishing!

Seasons Fishing Lure/Pendant
  You know, it just ain't fair!!!  My family in Minnesota is heading up to our cabin in the Superior National Forest for New Years and I'm stuck HERE!  *sigh*  Check out this picture my sister Rita posted to Facebook on Friday - is that not a little slice of heaven?  The white expanse you see past the trees is the lake all frozen over.  The picture is taken from the cabin as it faces the lake.  Gads I miss it…  well, the beauty, the people, and the fishing - the snow and cold, not so much. And yes, the ice over the lake is solid enough to walk, snowmobile, drive and definitely ICE FISH on. Well, at least I can dream of fishing as I create and what better thing to create than polymer clay fishing lures!!!
Dumbbell Lake, Minnesota
  Why fishing lures?  Well, it started out with my last trip up north.  I was out fishing and there is always old lures and odds & ends on the boat.  Most are metal and rusty with age or wood and the pretty painting is fading and the wood rotting and I thought - polymer clay.  I mean why not, right? And these cute little boogers are a fun fashion statement as a necklace, but really they are designed to be a very durable and useful LURE.   The wire that attaches to the hooks and line is imbedded as a solid armature within the clay - all one piece!  And the clay itself is far more durable and strong than wood and should hold up beautifully for a lifetime, if not longer.  I think I'm going to have to force folks to actually use them as lures, though.  I gave my Mom one for her birthday and she's too afraid she might lose it to a fish.  lol  I'd be curious though as to how well the clay holds up to water, temperature, etc….  or if it might fade with time like other plastics are known to do.  I guess only time will tell! In the mean time, I'll be making more… and some earrings, too! And yes, I'll be toning down the flowers to make some more masculine lures as well. =)

Metallic Klimt Fishing Lure/Pendant

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