Thursday, May 8, 2014

Byron Nelson Bobcats

Bobcat Cane      I've been wanting to create this cane since I moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but there has always been something that has interfered with my time and creativity.  I had to struggle a bit with the clays I was using - though I leached them, they were still very soft and it made it hard to get crisp lines.  But reducing it down to the size I was using made the imperfections unnoticeable. 
    I made this Bobcat school design on a white background and a coordinating paw cane that was white on a black background.  For these initial pieces, I used a southwestern motif using the school colors of royal blue, black and white.  I made several bangles, earrings, and pendants in this design, but will be experimenting and adding other designs in the future.   

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